ESYAclas POS Cash Register - CR6X

ESYAclas POS Cash Register - CR6X

The most reliable and largest selling POS Cash Register in the World.The unique one to adopt single-chip to make Cloud ECR with keyboard in the world.Able to establish a chain store real time on-line management via phone line or ADSL.

  • 40000 ACTIVE PLU
  • 80x2 hotkeys , 28 functions
  • Rotatable VFD Customer Display
  • Larger Operator Display - 5 lines
  • Originally-developed, innovative removable and renewable hot keypad
  • Built in Ethernet and support Wi-Fi and GPRS for transmitting data to main server.
  • Different software editions for Restaurant, Retail,Hospitality, Garment and Entertainment etc.
  • BIS Certified

Unique Functions

  • The unique one to adopt single-chip to make Cloud ECR with keyboard in the world.
  • Able to establish a chain store real time on-line management via phone line or ADSL.
  • Optional 2.4G 'P-tooth' to connect with pinnacle wireless POS peripheral (BD1 wall type display, guest pagers, kitchen label printer, wireless barcode scanner, customer display, invoice printer, wireless login lock, mifare magcard reader).
  • One function key can be used as another function, able to realize user defined keyboard, and auto-switch key function under different situations.(Defined the hotkeys as the function shortcut keys; realizing the auto-switching function under the application of different editions)
  • Various interfaces: Ethernet, USB, Cash drawer.
  • Support Ethernet, Wi-Fi and GPRS for transmitting data to headquarter.
  • Support M1 card (mifare card) for membership management.
  • Two dinner’s no. calling system for catering type
    • Basic system: ECR print the receipt with dinner’s number, calling customer to take dinner via BD1.
    • Advanced system: the guest pager will remind customer by flicker or vibrate.
  • Originally-developed, innovative removable and renewable hot keypad, ideal for restaurant. Shortcut keys can be defined as other function keys.
  • Ethernet type used in catering can control several kitchen printers, and allocate different dishes to different cooks. The type without Ethernet could be equipped with network expansion device to connect with 7 kitchen printers.
  • Different software editions available: Retail, Hospitality, Garment and Entertainment etc, suitable for all business fields.
  • Different versions optional, suit for all industries.
  • Power PLU searching function by Chinese, Letter, Barcode and department.


Cloud Functions

  • The cloud type support transmit data to headquarter server directly via web services, suitable for chain management.(Welcome software provider to negotiate cooperation.)
  • Optional 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi function, support to send the data that distributed in different stores to headquarters cloud server without wiring.


Excellent Functions

  • Function keys can be defined according to different business fields or different languages.
  • Up to 40K PLU quantity, meets the demand of most marketplaces.
  • Support integrated accounting functions including purchase, sale, inventory, stocktaking and gross profit management.
  • Optional wireless calling system and kitchen printer system to establish auto-serving system.
  • The operation will not be interrupted during the data processing (download or upload), which can synchronize the PLU data with back office at any time. C language platform can replace the function of PC POS.
  • Support multi-payment functions, R/A and P/O, currency changes, commodity return etc.
  • Support searching and printing different kinds of report including gross margin report, daily report, period report, department report, PLU report and sales promoter report.


Other Functions

  • Built-in battery, warning automatically when in low voltage.
  • Big four-line LCD display, showing sales PLU data, battery voltage, time and date
  • Support various barcode formats, such as: EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A, UPC-E, ISBN, 45 kinds of ENA-13 and 6 kinds of 18 code.
  • Support cash, card payment and Rf prepaid card.
  • High speed up to 150mm/s.
  • Password can be changed to control the functions.
  • Training and standard modes can be switched at any time to train the new employee.