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ESY INDIA eyes a dynasty leadership…….. in inkjet printing space

VP Sajeevan,

How are you building the company’s positioning in India?

Amazing prints at an affordable price is the driving slogan for ESY INDIA to attract the consumer’s attention. We promise 10 Paise per print whether it is colour or black & white. We encourage consumers to shift to colour printing since it is very much affordable. We guarantee quality, reliability and consistency. We are focussing on BIBLE factor (Before I Buy Live Experience) and we are sure that once the consumers experience the demo, he/she will go for ESYINK. Today, we have over 1 lakh happy customers in India. ESY India is inking their expansion and growth based on quality, reliability, affordability and competitive price factors.

Why did you choose Canon PIXMA printers as the Test bed, where many other vendors are also available?

There are three key brands in inkjet printing – Canon, Epson and HP. Epson has its own CISS system and due to high pricing it is niched in the photography segment. HP is driving its inkjet business through low-cost cartridges. Having wonderful products, to meet all segments in Inkjet printing and robust service network across the country, Canon could not be in the leading position in India due to lack of low-cost printing proposition. We could realize a great opportunity here and decided to position our products as a combo offer with Canon. Our parent company could successfully develop Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS), especially for Canon with micro-sized droplet ink that would function as good as the original. ESYINK with Canon could deliver stunning photographs and documents at an unbelievable price. Though we have CISS for HP and Epson, but ESY INDIA wants to work with Canon since we are quite positive about the expansion and growth. Almost all the consumers who are using ESYINK Canon combo are happy due to consistent quality and performance.  

How the product is eco-friendly and support to green cycle? Do you think all the printer companies will use the facility of using the ink in the longer run?

There are three key elements in a printer cartridge – Electronics, Plastics and Ink. The normal cartridges became futile once the ink is over. The leftout electronics and plastic is dumped without the proper trashing process. Though government authority is proclaiming on e-Waste management and other precautionary measures, by and large the cartridge wastes are thrown out casually. Of course, there is a strong parallel channel for the refill of used cartridges across the country. Unfortunately, these are run by small and unorganized entrepreneurs who are using spurious ink and poor-quality chips to repair and refill the cartridges causing ink leaks and smokes leading to health hazards. There is an unaudited estimation of 80 million or more used cartridges are thrown out casually in India due to non-availability of organized used cartridge collections and trashing. Here comes the advantage of CISS. ESY INDIA offers high volume printing from the same cartridge that comes along with the printer using biodegradable ink, which is as good as the OEM ink. 

Can you explain about ESYINK CISS’s advantage, which claims to bring down the printing cost by 80%? How are you seeing the growth opportunity in India?

ESYINK comes with 400 ml CMYK capacity ink Chamber with Micro fine ink of 2 Pico litre size. The start-up kit supports 5,000 prints (colour and B&W) and is available for Rs.1,600. Ink recharging can be done at Rs.800 where in additional 6,000 prints can be taken. These figures are for colour, whereas B&W printing would be less expensive. The published yield can be achieved if ESYINK is installed with a brand new printer.

ESYINK has technical advantage of efficient coolant elements for heat and heal process and Finest Micro ink (2 pL) for seamless fire & follow. These advantages ensure high-quality prints and protection for print heads. Being the largest INK OEM in Asia ESYINK is meeting all safety requirement including Europe and US standards. ESYINK has micro ink which is heated and fired as Nano bubble on to paper. There are very rare chances of ink leakage or excess vaporisation. This drives for fullest exploration of ink usage and deliver high yield.

After the successful launch of CISS that too reliable brands like ESYINK and ESYJET (Both are owned by ESY Group.), the inkjet started growing at exponential rate. Canon ESY combo could bring down the printing cost by 80 per cent and that too in colour. Another very important factor is, when compared to Laser Printers, the Inkjet consumes 50 times lesser power. This clearly saves a lot in terms of electricity charges. On a long term basis, the Inkjet with CISS offers very attractive total cost of ownership. 

Do you think that this segment is going to make another vertical in the printing segment. What is the reaction from the VAR community?

ESY INDIA has nearly 5,000 retail and value-added resell (VAR) partners across the country, who are selling ESYINK. ESY India has 90 city /region distributors to cater to 580 towns in India. We have full-fledged training centres in all major 8 cities and an exclusive training department headed by a national head. We have created a concept called EEE (ESYINDIA Efficient Engineer) 650 EEE are appointed across the country, who will have comprehensive training from us at various levels. To further penetrate, we have conducted sales training in 36 cities to cover 500 more towns.ESY INDIA will be launching a wide range of CISS for over 14 models on Inkjet Printers up to A3+ size before this Diwali.

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