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ESYINK Colors One lakh Customers Across India

New Delhi, Oct 21: In a cost-conscious market like India an initiative to offer low-cost printing solutions has led ESY India to come up with ESYINK, a continuous ink supply system (CISS) that has helped the company reach a hundred thousand customers across the country. 

Speaking exclusively to Channel Times, ESY India Chief Executive Officer V.P. Sajeevan said “In the beginning of the year, the situation of the Inkjet Printer in India was dicey as demand was shrinking due to high costs of printing, with laser printers getting more prominence due to the advantage of allowing low cost printing.”

However, these could only offer black and white prints and the affordability factor made color prints a dream for most Indian consumers, Sajeevan said adding that “Into this gap stepped ESYINK that we launched. Not just the home segments, but even enterprises started thinking of cutting costs in the printers space.”

“From Kanyakumari (South) to Srinagar (North), Shillong and Tripura (East) to Bhuj (West) we organized partner meets to build channel confidence. ESYINK had advantage since it was a leading brand CISS in other countries and could cross million of installations with Canon PIXMA printers alone. In India ESYINK started getting recognition right from the day one”, Sajeevan said.

Sharing some of the milestones behind reaching a huge customer base, Sanjeevan said, “Our top priority at ESY India was to standardize the pricing with an assurance of great affordability. We also ensured that every single partner of us have healthy profits to survive through the toughest time.”

“We hired experienced service team from the Printer industry and drove another marathon program to train the partner technicians across the country. Today ESY India has more than 1000 certified Engineers who are called ‘ESY India Efficient Engineers’,” Sajeevan added.

It is indeed a great feeling to see that we could reach over one lakh customers across India in a very short time post launch, he said adding that “we could clearly perceive the rapid growth prospects of our products. Additionally, the printer brand that joined hands with ESYINK and the industry as a whole will benefit from this innovation.”

Sajeevan said the company’s marketing teams are constantly in touch with the partner fraternity and taking all steps to support them. “We have created a group on WhatsApp for our distributors to ensure continuous and consistent communication with the partners.

We have also utilized our Facebook page to escalate their issues. Listening to partners, initiating the action to resolve the issues, Feedback from partners to know the status and encourage them to do more. This is called LIFE (Listen, Initiate, Feedback, and Encourage) approach in ESY India.”, Sanjeevan concluded.

Source: http://www.channeltimes.com/story/esy-ink-flows-to-1-lakh-customers-in-india/