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ESY Tech to Sketch Kerala's print market

Kochi: ESY Tech Resources India, sell 40,000 units of continuous ink supply system(CISS) in Kerala during the current fiscal year. said V P Sajeevan, CEO of the company. ESY Tech is the Indian arm of Kulala Lumpur based pineapple Resource Berhad.

During our test market of CISS in Kerala, we were able to sell 5,00 units of CISS since March 2013. CISS is a revolutionary technology which could bring down the cost of digital colour printing, Kerala-born Sajeevan is converting their dealers too. "Our digital printers, which could increase the market share of Canon in india," he said.

"ESY Tech is targeting revenues of Rs 300 Crore by 2016 and have set up 4,000 retail counters across India," Sajeevan said. "The volume of Indian digital printing industry is estimated to be 140 billion pages annually, next to the US and China. By 2017, digital printing market in India will have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30%" he added.