ESYINK Launch News

ESYINK Offers Lowest Printing Cost in India

Printing is no more Expensive! Promise by ESYINK

India is one of the largest market for computers and peripheral products. The Printer market size is around 3 milion units in India. Unlike other countries, the printer market is not growing in India due to the cartridge cost that is unaffordable for the common poeple. Most of the time, Indian customers resort to poor quality ink refills due to the higher cost of cartridges.

ESYINK, the largest ink manufacturer and supplier in Malaysia, are expanding their expertise and technologies to India to address the major concern of ink printing cost in india.

With this, Indian consumers can enjoy the benefit of highly economical and efficient ink systems that can bring down the cost of printing like never before, be it in office, universities or homes.

Mr. P.J. Yeo, Executive Director of ESYINK, Malaysia, who was speaking to the media, during the launch in Chennai, said, "These new CISS(Continuous Ink Supply System) is going to make revolution in Indian market particularly in colour printing segment. With this system, colour printing will be very affordable for homes and offices. This will scale up the Inkjet printer sales in India arnd growth will be remarkable. ESYINK had developed finest micro ink for Inkjet printers particularly for Canon Printers. With this high quality, photo printing and document printing can be done at very affordable cost. ESYINK will sell only Canon compatible CISS in India since it's successfully proven in Malaysia and other countries. ESYINK experts one million units of CISS at the end of 2015 from India."

As per Ms. Sujatha Dilip, Director of ACE Thechnologies, who are the National Distributors for ESYINK India, "The key focus would be bringing these products to all cities and towns in India. She experts optimum market coverage by end of March 2013. Inkjet Printer with ESYINK combo will be available for Rs. 2999 across the country from authorised retail outlets from December 2012 onwards. This combo will offer 5000 prints (B&W and Colour combo) and this will be the lowest priced Printer with high yield of printing in the country." "ESYINK in India is ready to take the challenge to meet the expectations of Indian consumers. It offer CISS solutions for five modules and also offers affordable high quality photo papers in India," added Mr. P.J. Yeo.