Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is CISS?

Continuous Ink Supply System.

1A. What is EEE ?

EEE  stands for ESYINK Efficient Engineer

These engineers are hand picked and trained by ESYINK . These engineers are capable to install and address all problems related to ESYINK.These engineers are trained on the installation with the specialized tools and other consumables. The tools and consumables used by EEE are  specially  developed for ESYINK installation.To get EEE for installation please call ESY Help. Contact Number - Toll free number 18001028482

2. Can I install ESYINK CISS by myself.

If you are an ESYINK trained engineer you can do it yourself.If not it's better to call EEE (ESYINK Efficient Engineer) for the installation.As you know an improper installation can damage your cartridges and ESYINK CISS too.To avoid this please call ESY help.Contact Number -  Toll free number 18001028482

3. What are the required tools for CISS?

  • Canon CISS 100 ml x 4
  • Syringe (20 Ml capacity)
  • Double sided Tape
  • Scissors
  • Black & Color cartridge PG-810 and CL-811 (Original  and not refilled)
  • 6cm Cloth Tape
  • Hand Drill
  • Blade
  • Silicone Sealant
  • Tube Clincher
  • L-joint (4 pieces)
  • Rubber ring (4 pieces)

4. What is the size of hand drill to be used?

3.5mm hand drill

5. What should we do when air bubble is formed?

We need to open the lid  in CISS kit.

6. How to make a hole in color cartridge(Magenta)?

The hole for magenta should be placed 1cm down on the resemblance of the cartridge. Please watch the installation video

7. Why should we use double sided tape?

To attach the CISS kit to the printer.

8. Why we use only silicone sealant not others?

The silicone sealant is air tight and no ink back flow.

9. Is there any warranty?

If you are getting a color document for 10 paise, why do you require a warranty.Since ESYINK has fnest Micro Ink (2 pL) it will not damage the Printer.If ESYINK is installed by EEE (ESYINK Efficient Engineer) the chances of break down is very low.Hence insist for installation by certified EEE. You can contact ESY Help for this.Contact Number -  Toll free number 18001028482

However you can enjoy 6 months warranty support (back to bench) for your Canon PIXMA Printers (models 2770,MP 237 & 287) from our selected ESP (ESYINDIA Service Partner).Onsite support will be at extra cost.consumables like cartridges, Ink Absorption Pad, Purge Units ,Carriage Assembly  and Plastic Covers will not be covered under this warranty.Only those Printers  installed by certified EEE are eligible for warranty.ESYINK CISS is a consumable hence no warranty.

10. What are the compatible printers for CISS?

MP 287 ,MP 237 and iP 2770 

11. What will be the life of the Printer cartridge?

Brand new cartridge can support between 10k to 15k prints (as per standard printing)

12. When should I refill the Ink ?

Since ESYINK CISS kit is transparent you see the ink level.When it is falling below 40 Ml you can refill the same with respective Ink charger.Always use the original ESYINK Ink charger to get better print quality.There is no compatible ink for ESYINK other than the original Ink Charger.It is advised to keep one set of Ink Charger with you .The empty CISS kit can cause unwanted air bubbles , tube blockage and damage to Printer Cartridge.

13. What should i do if the Printer is not working ?

Please call ESY Help for telephone support.Contact Number -Toll free number 18001028482

14. Howabout the service charges ?

The installation charges for ESYNK CISS kit would be Rs.500.00 extra subjet to within the city limit of 25 KM.There will be additional charges if the customer site is outside city limit.Pl. do confirm the with dealer or the ESP on this before the instalaltions.The installation charges  need to be paid to the EEE during the installation.

There will be no service charges for calls within 15 days of installation and Rs.250 will be charged for service calls after 15 days subjet to within the city limit of 25 KM.There will be additional charges if the customer site is outside city limit.Pl. do confirm the same  with the dealer or the ESP on this before the service call .Pl. do call the EEE who had installed the ESYINK CISS for the free service.

Your personal attention and good care can give the optimum performance from Printer & ESYINK.